Please Help To Release First World Blues


First World Blues has been recorded and mixed. It’s “in the can” as you might say. However, there are a couple little steps in between “the can” and your hands.

One is mastering, which, for those who do not know, is the “dark art” in record making. Those mastering engineers can really make those songs pop.  We don’t really know how. We don’t. But a good one does it, so we need a good one.

The second is duplication. We need to make tons of babies to go around. CDs first, and if we do really well, maybe vinyl down the line. Hell, cassettes are even a possibility…Na.

Third and final is hiring someone to get the damn word out about this record. You see, there are probably a hundred thousand or so records released every day, the chances of someone hearing this one is slim to none, unless we hire a professional mover and shaker. We need to make sure we hire a professional mouthpiece. A carnival barker. We need to cold call every music fan in the world. We’ll get to you, don’t you worry.

If we can raise the kroner to put this out, we’ll be forever indebted to you. You can help by watching the video above and following this link: